SYNOPSIS: Life is really tough in the bleak Cerro Rico mining district in Potosi, Bolivia. This is true for the men risking their lives going down into the mine shafts looking for silver ore, and also for the women, who are viewed by men as fair game. Lucia (40), Ivonne (16) and Abigail (17) talk about their daily lives, in which they are constantly dealing with violence, much of it sexual. Lucia works as a night guard and often has to protect herself by setting off TNT. She wanders the inhospitable area accompanied by a pack of dogs. Ivonne always carries rocks with her to throw at potential attackers. But they are not even safe at home. "You can’t even trust your own brothers and father," Ivonne explains. Abigail is the only woman in the area who goes down into the mines herself. She knows that as a minor she is not officially allowed to work there, but nobody has ever told her about her rights. The camera follows her down the pitch-black shafts, where the miners pray to a demon. “There’s no god in the mine,” says Abigail. In an area where not even weeds can grow, these tough and vulnerable women survive with a mix of courage and dynamite.




Production year: 2013



Lenght: 27'

Format: 16:9

Sound: 5.1






Cinematography: RAÚL DE LA FUENTE




Grading: AXEL O’MILL


Production company:  KANAKI FILMS



1- Winner Best Short Documentary Film- 28th Goya-Spanish Cinema Academy Awards

2- Best Director, SIMA- Social Media Impact Awards-Hollywood, USA, 2014

3- Best Cinematography, Medina del Campo, Spain, 2014

4- Best Short Documentary Film, San Diego Latino IFF, USA, 2014

5- Best Short Documentary Film, Lanzarote IFF, Spain, 2014

6- Audience Award, Lanzarote IFF, Spain, 2014

7- Best Short Documentary Film, Artículo 31 Film Fest, Spain, 2014

8- Audience Award, Artículo 31 Film Fest, Spain, 2014

9- Youth Jury Award, San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Spain, 2014

10- Best Short Documentary Film, Festival Protesta, Spain, 2014

11- Audience Award, Festival Protesta, Spain, 2014

12- Best Short Documentary, BE Film, NY, USA, 2014

13- Best Documentary, Sorsi Corti, Italy, 2014

14- Best Documentary Short Film, El Festivalico Muestra de Cortometrajes, Spain, 2014

15- Best Documentary, Festival Porto7 - Oporto International Short film Festival 2014

16- Second Prize, Certamen de Cortos por la Paz, Spain, 2014

17- Best Basque Film "Gureak", Cortada, Basque Country, 2013

18- Best International Documentary Shortfilm, FENACO, Peru, 2013

19- AIFF Award Best Documentary Shortfilm, Italy 2014

20- Night Award, International Festival Signes de Nuit - Zeichen der Nacht, France & Germany, 2014

21- First Prize, Ariano International Film Festival AIFF, Italy 2014

22- Mejor Cortometraje Iberoamericano, Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico (Mexico 2014)

23- Main Award for the Best Documentary of the 12th International Festivale Signes de Nuit in Paris (France, 2014)

24- Best Short Documentary, FESTIDOK, Girona, Spain, 2014

25- Audience Award, FESTIDOK, Girona, Spain, 2014

26- Premio del público en el Festival IMAGO, Cortometrajes Iberoamericanos, France 2014

27- Venus de Badalona en FILMETS, Badalona Film Festival (Spain, 2014)

28- Premio del público en XII Festival Internacional de Cine de Ponferrada, Sección Oficial “Con Igualdad” (Spain, 2014)

29- Audience Award, International FilmFest Eberswalde, Short Documentary section (Germany 2014)

30- Best Short Film, New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema (USA, 2014)

31- Premio del público, IBERTIGO – Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain, 2014)

32- Premio del público en la Sección Panorama Latinoamericano del Festival de Cortometrajes de Rio de Janeiro (Brasil 2014)

33- Best Documentary Short at St Louis International Film Festival, SLIFF (USA 2014)

34- Best Documentary in the 8th Edition of Grand OFF Best Independent Film Awards (Poland 2014)

35- Award “Vida de los Hombres” in Festival International du Film de Montagne d’Autrans (France 2014)

36- Premio del Público – 2º Festival de Gollut (Spain, 2015)

37- Grand Jury Prize – 2nd International Dokuma Film Festival (Croatia, 2015)

38- Premio Mejor Documental - II Edición del Festival Internacional de Cine Carlos Velo (España, 2015)

39- Mejor Cortometraje Documental – Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn MAFICI (Argentina, 2015)

40- Jury Special Mention, Krakow Film Festival, Poland, 2014

41- Special Jury Recognition, Lakino Film Festival, Germany, 2014

42- Special Jury Recognition, Script Film Festival, India, 2014

43- Special Jury Recognition, South West London International Film Festival, UK, 2013

44- Special Jury Recognition, Medina del Campo, Spain, 2014



1- Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France, 2013)

2- IDFA (The Netherlands, 2013)

3- Docs DF (Mexico, 2013)

4- MiradasDoc, Guía de Isora, (Spain, 2013)

5- Festival de Cine Invisible, “Filme Sozialak” Bilbao, (Spain, 2013)

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11- Corto Imola (Italia, 2013)

12- EKO IFF (Nigeria, 2013)

13- Certamen de Cortos Luis Gonzaga (Spain, 2013)

14- MECAL, Festival Internacional de Cine de Barcelona (Spain, 2013)

15- Bogoshorts. Festival de Cortos de Bogotá (Colombia, 2013)

16- International Izmir Artemis Film Festival (Turkey, 2013)

17- Script Film Festival (India, 2014)

18- Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote (Spain, 2014)

19- San Diego Latino Film Festival (USA, 2014)

20- Byron Bay International Film Festival (Australia, 2014)

21- Tampere Film Festival (Finland, 2014) – Oscar Qualifying

22- Espiello. Festival Internacional de Documental Etnográfico de Sobrarbe. (Spain, 2014)

23- Mediawave International Film and Musci Gathering (Hungary, 2014)

24- Mostra de Cinema BRAM! (Spain, 2014)

25- Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo (Spain, 2014)

26- BTUFF. Be Film The Underground Film Festival (USA, 2014)

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55- Odense IFF (Denmark, 2014) – Oscar Qualifying

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102- International Competition 30” of the 8th “Cinema Verite”, Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Iran, 2014)

103- Nomination in Best Documentary in the 8th Edition of Grand OFF Best Independent Film Awards (Poland 2014)

104- Selección Oficial XS Puçol 2014 (Spain 2014)

105- 1º ArtCity Short Film Festival (Cameroon 2014)

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124- 13th International Festival Signes de Nuit, Edition Lisboa, (Portugal, 2015)

125- II Edición del Festival Internacional de Cine Carlos Velo (España, 2015)

126- 2do Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn (Argentina, 2015)

127- 21st edition of Leuven Short film Festival (Belgium, 2015).

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Tfn: +34 948 338 700
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